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The breaks where I work are like most fast food places. They are a half hour long. A half hour seems like a lot but when you take into account that it can take up to 10 minutes to get your food because you come after all of the customers that actually pay for this […]

A little about my manager

In case someone actually does manage to stumble across this blog and someone I work with does happen to see this, I am not going to use my manager’s actual name. Let’s just call her Jane. Not that I have anything against the name Jane in fact I think it is a lovely name. “Jane”┬áis […]

A little about my job.

Looking at the title and description of this blog you would probably assume that I have went to college, gotten a nice little career for myself and ended up with a mean manager that likes to get under my skin every now and then. Guess again. I work in a fast food restaurant, which in […]