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Why I should be sleeping…

It is almost 2 in the morning. Meaning I need to wake up in 8 hours (not so bad) to get ready for work tomorrow. Tomorrow as in…my day off. My day off as in, someone must have fucked up because I haven’t had a day over the weekend off since about 6 months ago when I had no choice but to take off work because I was going to Virginia-oh and Christmas. But of course when I managed to actually have 5 days off, Jane wasn’t the one in charge of the schedule. My actual boss as in the one who gave me my job was in charge of it at the time. The way the schedule worked was she (my boss, lets call her Linda) would make the schedule and all the other managers could make adjustments to it. Every time a manager changed something on it they had to initial there signature. About 2 months ago it got to a point where the ENTIRE schedule was covered in Jane’s initials. So Linda basically gave up and said fuck it, if you’re gonna make me do all this work just to change it all, you do it from now on. So now, Jane is in charge of the schedule. Now if you have a better memory than me you should remember me complaining about working tomorrow even though I just said it was supposed to be my day off. That is what happens when someone calls in “sick” (ahead of time, sure makes a lot of sense) and it is up to Jane to pick that person’s replacement. Now I work 11-5. 11-5 is not bad at all. In fact it is about half of what I usually work on Sundays, so if Jane is working tomorrow I probably wont actually make it out of  that place until about 8. Granted, I get paid for all of the time I work and I do need cash, but I am TIRED. My uniform is at a point where I wash it in the washer machine alone with NO other clothes in the load, and use double the detergent and then put it in the dryer by it self and somehow it still manages to come out of the dryer smelling like french fry and burger grease. That smell is now en-lodged into my brain to the point where I will probably be able to recognize it when I am 60. And since tomorrow was supposed to be my day off, I didn’t wash my uniform yet. Guess who gets to wake up to the stench of work at 10 in the morning tomorrow.


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