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The breaks where I work are like most fast food places. They are a half hour long. A half hour seems like a lot but when you take into account that it can take up to 10 minutes to get your food because you come after all of the customers that actually pay for this crap, you really only have enough time to scarf down your food and then maybe make a phone call, have a ciggarette if you are one of the smokers at this place, or in my case…sit here and write this blog post. If you are under the impression that my job gives me free food or even a discount, you are wrong. If you work a certain amount of hours you get a break where you get one sandwhich and one fry (smallest size of course). When you aren’t working that day or even if you are but not long enough for free food, you must pay for it all at full price. On days like today when the owner desides he is going to randomly stop by to yell at the nice manager working today for things that are out of her control, the food selection is even more limited. This post really isn’t finished but considering I am on break right now, clearly I do not have time to finish it. You’ll be sure to see a follow up of this post after 5PM.


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