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A little about my manager

In case someone actually does manage to stumble across this blog and someone I work with does happen to see this, I am not going to use my manager’s actual name. Let’s just call her Jane. Not that I have anything against the name Jane in fact I think it is a lovely name. “Jane” is a short, skinny, 30+ year old woman. She ironically walks like she has a stick up her ass. I’m not calling her cocky (she is)  , I am being completely literal. I am yet to see her heels touch the ground while she walks. For months I though that she was playing the bad cop in the whole good cop-bad cop thing managers or policemen like to use (from what I’ve seen on TV). But over time I have learned that she is truly like that because she hates us all with a raging passion. Her attitude towards us all at work has nothing to do with her trying to keep a nice distance between a boss and her employees, it is just simply her personality. She has even been told by the “big bosses” to lighten up with the way she treats everyone. She acts like she is as holy as the virgin Mary talking to someone who is worth about as much as your local pedophile that just moved in on the block no matter who she is talking to. And it is NOT just with us at work! She gets into brutal fights (verbal, not physical) with customers that tell her she is wrong. Regardless of the fact that she would SCREAM at me if I was talking to a customer as if I was anything but a servant for them let alone an actual human being when they claim I did something wrong even when she knows I did not. Jane is not my actual boss so it isn’t like she can fire me or anything. However she is capable of making my life even more of a living hell than she does now. She controls the schedule, who works when, who gets off when multiple people need off the same day, who leaves early, who stays late, and who (me) has to clean or refill things every time she sees that they are not 100% filled or clean. So pretty much, everyone who works at this place has to kiss ass like there is no tomorrow. I mean of course most people talk shit about her but she knows of it most of the time. Maybe she just needs to be the hard ass she is towards us because she thinks she will lose control over us all if she gives us any ounce of sympathy. For months we all hated this woman, but we grew to let her spiteful acts grow to amuse us over time rather then get our panties in a bunch. There is no getting revenge on her, ever. And if you try you WILL end up fired.


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