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A little about my job.

Looking at the title and description of this blog you would probably assume that I have went to college, gotten a nice little career for myself and ended up with a mean manager that likes to get under my skin every now and then. Guess again. I work in a fast food restaurant, which in my opinion has got to be one of the worst possible jobs on the planet. Ignoring that fact that you need to work 10 times harder than someone who sits at a desk all day and actually move around, clean up after, and practically slave over a counter for mostly rude customers flipping out over french fries, you get paid minimum wage. Now I have never been a waitress so I am not calling my job harder than a waitresses, however, unless you are a waitress who gets paid loads in tips (most of the time), if you have an on the books job, you can not have a salary any lower than mine. You are at the absolute bottom of the food chain. You take processed “food”, make it resemble a hamburger, and then sell it to hundreds of people a day. Unless you have worked in this “business” before there is no way that you would be able to see how extreme people can get when you charge them 10 cents for extra tomato on there sandwich. Because 1100 calories isn’t enough, you need to add an extra wad of cheese or mayo to there meal so that they don’t throw a bitch fit.

These are just some of the oh so wonderful conditions at a fast food restaurant. They are all terrible and there is close to nothing good about having such a job, however the absolute worst part of it all, is the manager.


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